Edmodo in Action


Dubbed “Facebook for education,” Edmodo can be used in an almost endless variety of ways by teachers and students.

Top 5 Free Online Tutoring Tools

On October 23, 2012, in Technology in Education, Tutoring, ed tech, online learning, by Scott Cronenweth

As online learning grows in importance and popularity worldwide, new tools are emerging to support it. Here are 5 free tools that enable tutors, teachers – or even just well-intentioned friends and relatives – to interact with learners over the Internet, no pens or paper required. 1: IDroo whiteboard for Skype Everybody already knows about [...]

Internet Forums for Teaching Materials and Lesson Plans

On October 16, 2012, in Resources, ed tech, by Scott Cronenweth

Besides saving other teachers time and money by giving them access to top-quality instructional aids, TeachersPayTeachers.com and similar sites also provide a supplementary source of income for teachers who sell lesson plans, student data sheets and other wares online. In a few cases the income has exceeded their teachers’ salaries.

Top 5 Free Online University Courseware Sites for Tutors

On August 28, 2012, in Content, Resources, Tutoring, digital content, by Scott Cronenweth

More and more universities are offering free online content – everything from lectures to course notes to past exams. The purpose of these programs, in many cases, is to help make education free and available worldwide, without even the need to register or sign up.

Four Ways Tutors and Teachers Can Use Pinterest

On February 28, 2012, in Social Media, Teaching, Technology, Technology in Education, Tutoring, ed tech, tips, by Scott Cronenweth

Millions of people are now using Pinterest to plan their weddings or home remodels, market products or just share ideas and inspirations. And Pinterest is also a great technology for education!

The Edublog Awards 2011… and Some Personal Favorite Edublogs

On February 15, 2012, in Social Media, Technology in Education, blogging for tutors, digital content, ed tech, by Scott Cronenweth

The 2011 Edublog Awards winners were announced several weeks ago by the Edublog Awards Blog. The purpose of this blog, which is sponsored by the edublogs.org educational blogging service, is to promote and demonstrate the educational value of learner and teacher blogs and websites.

5 Education Articles to Start the Week: Should Test Prep Start at Age 4?


We’re on the cusp of a transformational time in education. As we start the new year, education experts are delving into how many organizations, parents, tutors, teachers and businesses are coping with challenges within the educational world. In some cases, parents are starting test prep as early as age 4 in order to get them [...]

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