One of the most important parts of preparation for JEE Main 2019 is to regularly attempt previous year tests. Attempting previous year papers have helped many aspirants of JEE Main who cannot afford high tuition fees get a proper idea about exam pattern and types of questions.

Socrato has released a Free Online Test of previous year papers for JEE Main. The tests cover the complete updated syllabus of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, and are based on the latest pattern of the exam with 30 questions in each section. The aspirants have 3 hours attempt this paper of 90 questions in total.

Online mock tests are specially designed that help students and aspirants excel in JEE Main examination.

Student can follow few simple steps to take test of previous year JEE Main papers. With this test, you can drill down from level 1 to level n with increasing level of detail.

JEE Main Online Mock Tests of Previous Year Papers –

2014 Code-E

2014 Code-H

2015 Code-A

2015 Code-B

2016 Code-E

2016 Code-F

Socrato provides a comprehensive Diagnostic I-Report for JEE Main Examination so that student or tutor can analyze the test results within few minutes to improve yourself before the actual examination.

Also, you can quickly find nearly all mistakes fall into the following categories: subject-wise, section-wise, topic-wise and a lot more to ensure better results for all students.

Good Luck Students!!