We know there’s a lot on your minds from health and safety to child care and jobs. These are exceptionally challenging times as we close schools to stop the spread of COVID-19, and we want to do everything we can to support you. 

As of March 16, 777 million children and students have been forced out of schools and universities in a total of 100 countries, with 85 governments closing schools nationwide and 15 others imposing localized school closures, according to UNESCO. A large majority of those – 670 million – are between preschool age and 18 years old. Those numbers are only likely to rise in the near future.

Resources to support you during school closures

In order to keep students’ minds moving during this tough time, Socrato is providing online SAT and ACT tests for students’ and tutors and the community at large. 

The online test platform is easy to use and only requires access to a computer, tablet, or laptop with test booklet and internet. You can buy the “Real ACT Prep Guide” or  Collegeboard Blue book test, you can take these test and process them online in Socrato. 

Assign online bubble-sheet is a smarter way to prepare for standardized tests. Socrato provides smart test grading solutions to analyze and process ACT, SAT, PSAT, HSPT, ISEE, and many more. Tutors/Teachers/Schools can also assign their own custom tests or released/retired tests via online mode to the student and generate detail diagnostic report.

To score high students can use Socrato to practice online and get insights beyond scores. In addition to the student individual diagnostic reports, Socrato also does different types of group and batch analysis. These group report analysis includes Score Summary Report, Growth Report, Question /Answer Distribution, and Subject Area Performance etc.

Maintain Social Distancing.Stay at Home, Be Safe, and Save Lives..