Joint Entrance Examination is for engineering course into best schools of India. Around 15 lakh applications are registered for this entrance exam and only few get converted for admissions. With this level of competition smart work overrule the hard work that students put in their studies. Topics & strategy you need to follow to prepare these topics:


  • Start with theory and the formulas.
  • Understand the applications and types of question in which they are used.
  • Now pick your NCERT and solve the unsolved questions.
  • Last step is to solve your study material (if you are having any).
  • Take sectional test and evaluate yourself.


  • We understand it’s very theory oriented and it can be laborious.
  • Understand the working and its effects.
  • After you complete the theory, answer the questions for better understanding.
  • You will never get very difficult numerical in JEE so keep a hawks eyes and sharp concepts
  • Sectional test is the key to success for most of the topics


  • For thermodynamics remember no lengthy numerical is going to heat you it will just test your presence of mind and your ability.
  • Organic and inorganic chemistry is important go through the special characteristics and their atomic structure.
  • NCERT is very important for JEE chemistry section.
  • Sectional test and EVALUATE.

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Good Luck!