The SSAT is an independent and private middle school and high school admissions exam. Studying for the SSAT can be a lot like studying for a normal middle school exam. Effective study for the SSAT can rely on flashcards, for example, note-taking, strategic study sessions, and regular practice. 

There is a significant difference of course between the SSAT itself and the tests students encounter in a typical middle school classroom. Every student’s process is different, but studying for the SSAT generally involves the following 4 characteristics:

  1. Timed practice (to build stamina and assess progress)
  2. Content review and application
  3. Strategy learning and application
  4. Practice exams and drills are used to review progress regularly

Here we bring some of the strategies and tools for the tutors to tutor their kids most effectively. Here are some tips to save time

Use the SSAT Practice Test

SSAT releases the “Official SSAT Study Guide”, featuring four or five practice tests. It is the best resource for students. 

Take a Diagnostic Exam & Establish a Target Score

Diagnostic reports can save a lot of time for the tutors as they can provide complete insight into students’ strengths and weaknesses. With the help of diagnostic reports(, tutors can help students pinpoint their areas of improvement. Taking a diagnostic SSAT effectively introduces students to those components that make this standardized test so different from standard exams: duration, content, and strategy.

It also establishes a baseline score for all sections, giving students a better sense of what stands in their way. Furthermore, diagnostic scores can highlight content areas that require further attention, important strategies, and timing concerns.

Take Regular SSAT Practice Tests

Once the students take the first Practice test, a tutor should score the test using some tool and get the diagnostic report. Socrato also provides the SSAT detailed diagnostic report

By taking regular practice tests, students can reinforce the strategies they’ve been developing on their own. It can also build physical and mental stamina – not to be underestimated on Test Day!

Grading practice tests

There are now a lot of tools and platforms available where practice tests can be graded automatically instead of manually. With Socrato, you can also grade the SSAT practice test online. (

Look at Percentiles, Not Scores

The SSAT score report gives you three numbers: a raw score, a scaled score, and a percentile. A higher score is better, a lower score is worse, but on their face, these scores do not mean much to families.

Students can use diagnostic test results to establish realistic goals and to determine whether to pursue a particular test. In addition to providing tutors with an idea of the student’s knowledge of and understanding of the subject material, the diagnostic test also provides them with a preliminary understanding of the relative strengths and weaknesses of the test-taker.

For any details, information downloads the e-book. You can get the Diagnostic Report. 

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