The SSAT scores for high school admission have been well-weighted. SSAT scores are an integral part of the admissions process. Lately, a good percentage of students are applying to private high schools. Most of the students do take the SSAT test prep help. Tutoring self-motivated students or good test-takers is easy. Test preparation is essential for students who are not good test takers but still want to achieve higher test scores. 

A majority of tutors have to score tests, analyze tests, and identify students’ strengths and weaknesses manually. Tutors have to spend equal time grading and analyzing instead of tutoring their students. In this technology era where there are a lot of tools available, all the manual effort should be a move to digital. 

Here we bring some of the strategies and tools for the tutors to tutor their kids most effectively. Here are some tips to save time

  1. Use the SSAT Practice Test – SSAT releases the “Official SSAT Study Guide”, featuring four or five practice tests. It is the best resource for students. 
  2. Score the Practice Test – Once the students take the first Practice test, a tutor should score the test using some tool and get the diagnostic report. Socrato also provides the SSAT detailed diagnostic report
  3. Diagnostic Report – Diagnostic reports can save a lot of time for the tutors as they can provide complete insight into students’ strengths and weaknesses. With the help of diagnostic reports(, tutors can help students pinpoint their areas of improvement. The Socrato reports provide a detailed topic analysis of each subject, which can help students identify what topics to focus on.
  4. Grading practice tests – There are now a lot of tools and platforms available where practice tests can be graded automatically instead of manually. With Socrato, you can also grade the SSAT practice test online. (
  5. Study Plan – Once the students have taken their first practice test, the tutor can provide insight on how much time it will take to prepare for the test based on their scores. Tutors can provide students with a study plan. An automatic study plan can be formulated once the student has taken the first practice test. There are tools to create the study plan too. In Socrato, a study plan ( is created automatically that includes total tutoring hours, homework hours, and test-day recommendations.

Grade your SSAT practice test bubble-sheet online to get a detailed Socrato diagnostic report. To learn how to prepare for SSAT in a month, download Socrato’s s free e-Book.

Check out Socrato Youtube channel to check the online practice test grading platform.