This is the second installment of our new weekly round-up “5 Tutoring Tips to End Your Week”!

Last Friday, I launched the new version of the round-up thus moving away from featuring general education blogs and articles and shining the light on tutors and education consultants who blog.

As always, if you have a recommendation of at tutoring blog I should be following, leave me a note in the comments!

1.   Mental Training Tips from an Olympian

by Elizabeth King, Tutors for Test Prep

Elizabeth King is one amazing woman. Not only is she the president of Elizabeth King Coaching, a boutique online SAT and ACT prep company, but she also takes the time to interview Olympic Gold Medalists, too?

In a series of captivating interviews, Elizabeth interviews Olympic Gold Medalist Skier Barbara Ann Cochran to get her perspective on mental training tips. Though the interview is from 2009 I can still glean a lot of wisdom from the takeaways.

2.    Success in tutoring math

by Matthew J.,

When he opened his first tutoring review, Matt was stunned to find that after only 2 tutoring sessions he was already getting rave reviews as an “excellent tutor.”

Though pleasantly surprised, he wanted to share some of his theories about why he was such a natural success at tutoring in his blog, and it’s a good thing he did. Matt has some fantastic level-headed insights into how tutors can assess student needs, connect with that student and how to maintain a professionalism with the student.

3.    Getting the Most out of Your Day


We may not know which of the three educators behind eTutor is responsible for this blog post, but either way, we do know their schedule. Using the book “Getting Things Don” by David Allen, this educator uses daily and weekly checklists to accomplish her goals. He discusses how he sets up his day with a schedule of goals and how students can set a schedule to help them accomplish tasks with efficiency.

4.   Tutoring tips for the first day

by Kelly,

If you’re tutoring younger children, Kelly of has some great tips on how you can start your first day of tutoring off on the right foot. Her method is to keep things simple and connect with the child based on his interests. She also suggests ice-breaker games that won’t frustrate the child and writing activities that involve movement so that your pupil doesn’t notice the length of the session as acutely.

4.    SAT Critical Reading is About Critical Reading

by Anthony Green,

How does one teach a student not to just read the content, but to apply meaning to what they’re reading? That’s a tough question that faces many tutors just starting out with working with students to improve their SAT scores.

While the SAT Critical reading session is difficult for many tutors to teach, Anthony Green believes that students who practice critical reading regularly are the most likely to perform well on the SAT. Believing that schools teach students to read for memory and regurgitate what they’ve learned, he challenges students to read non-SAT material on a regular basis which challenges them to think critically and ask important questions about the text.

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