It has been almost a month since school started. The first six months of high school are very critical for seniors. For seniors, the task list is vast. From grades to SAT/ACT scores to extracurricular activities, AP classes, college applications, college essays, etc. It is a difficult time for students because they are overwhelmed, exhausted, and tired. For seniors, this is a challenging time. The keys to success are time management, discipline, organizing skills, perseverance, and patience. The student will not be overwhelmed if he/she plans all the activities and keeps track of all the deadlines. We have broken down the task month by month and listed the task under each month.  Revisit the monthly tasks completed and prioritize the unfinished ones first.

August – The following task must have been completed in August:

  • Colleges list applications in various categories.
  • Completed all the virtual or personal campus visits.
  • Make the list of supplemental college essay.
  • Brainstorm the common app essay.
  • Register for SAT or ACT if you plan to take it in the Fall.
  • Research the scholarship and apply.

September – The following task must be completed by the month of September:

  • Meeting with a college counsellor to discuss the final college list, essay, AP courses, and extracurricular activities.
  • Send the recommendation letter to the teachers and college advisor.
  • Apply for the additional scholarship.
  • Start writing the Common App essay and supplemental essays.
  • Create a spreadsheet of colleges to track the application deadlines etc.
  • Prepare for FSFSA application.
  • Attend the Financial Aid workshop.
  • Decide and list the colleges for Early Decision, Early Action, and regular decision.

October – The month of October gets crazy, school homework, regular tests, sports, etc. have started.  It’s very important to keep the track of activities in the month of October. The following tasks should be accomplished in the month of October:Complete SAT or ACT test if you plan to take it again.

  • Send the reminder or recommendation link to all teachers.
  • Complete the Common app essay and get the final review.
  • Update the spreadsheet with the application deadline.
  • Update the common App application.
  • 6 complete the Common App activities questions.
  • Write the final supplemental essay draft.
  • Make sure all the essays are complete by the last week of October if you plan for EA or ED.
  • Complete the FAFSA® as early as possible as some aid is offered on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Review your SAR (Student Aid Report) to make sure all information is correct. Complete the CSS Profile™.
  • Request the transcript sent to colleges.

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