Virtual college visit:

Virtual campus tours allow prospective students to explore a school’s campus from the comfort of their own homes. The interactive campus maps and virtual campus tours allow students to view the school without having to travel to it or spend money on transportation. Virtual tours are so quick and convenient. It’s also easier for people to bring a parent, older sibling, or another advisor on a virtual tour because they don’t need to take time off from work. We find that students enjoy virtual tours as a ‘first look’ at schools they are interested in.

Why You Need a Virtual Campus Tour?

Increase Accessibility for All:

There is no equal playing field when it comes to the college application process. It is easier for well-off students to visit campuses in person than it is for other students. Virtual campus tours, however, increase accessibility for everyone by leveling the playing field. International students can learn more about studying abroad, and rural students can explore large campuses from their couches. Essentially, virtual reality allows students to experience a campus tour at a much lower cost and in a much shorter amount of time.

Virtual campus tours are easy on the wallet:

The expense of travel to tour a college campus you are interested in might be too costly for a family with limited time and resources. In rare cases, if you’ve caught the eye of the admissions staff (maybe as a star athlete or brilliant academic) you might get asked to attend on an ‘official visit’ that will be paid for by the college or university. All campus tour expenses must be paid by students and parents during most ‘unofficial’ visits.

Make informed decisions on multiple campuses, with your family:

A major advantage of virtual campus tours is that you can involve all of your family members. Today, it is common for both parents to work making it difficult to bring everyone along for multiple college tours. It’s even more difficult if a more elderly relative, one that can’t travel, wants to add their two cents as well. Virtual tours mean that everyone can come along from the comfort of their living room. Multiple campuses can be compared and processed simultaneously to make informed decisions.

Inspire Physical Visits:

Your newest technology can be demonstrated in action, with students working on cool science projects, etc. For some students, walking from building to building can become monotonous on an in-person tour. By offering a virtual campus tour, prospects are more likely to enroll. Virtual tour visitor engagement determines the most appropriate time to display calls to action. This moves students to the next step in your recruitment process.

More Exposure:

Virtual campus tours make it easy for students to share exciting snaps on social media. Having access to their peer group is crucial to reaching your target audience. Virtual campus tours are easily shared via URL, which can be embedded on your website.

Provide important information more efficiently and effectively:

Prospective students can more easily and quickly catch on to what makes your school unique and special through a virtual tour, rather than by reading statistics, web pages, or written testimonials.

Accordingly, a virtual campus tour might be one of the most effective ways to help you decide among the long list of colleges and universities. This is depending on your situation, resources, ability to travel, and other factors. It is critical to make an informed decision when choosing a college or university for your higher education. This is the most valuable investment you can make for yourself personally, as well as for your career in the future. If a virtual campus tour gives you the edge you need, then do it!