Tutors have the flexibility that teachers sometimes, do not.

While teachers are struggling to make ends meet and struggling to engage whole groups of students at a time, tutors seem to have more freedom to explore the technological depths of education and learning. It”s often tutoring companies and independent tutors which embrace new education technologies first. This year was no exception. Tutors have spent 2010 revolutionizing the way teaching is done and embracing many of the 9 technology factors that could potentially change schools in the future.

Here is a list of some of the ways that tutors revolutionized learning in 2010:

Tutors Took Online Learning to a Global Level

According to a New York Times article published earlier this year, tutors are using technology to mold young minds from all over the world.

Using a new online learning service called Brightspark Education, British students log-on and learn to do math from a tutor located half a world away, in India.

Salman Kahn is engaging minds from all over the world with his online learning university, Kahn Academy. He has over 93K subscribers, his lessons are 100% free and his fans donate enough money that he boasts a healthy salary.

Tutoring Centers Embraced Unique Learning Environments

Tutoring Centers got creative this year about how to lure kids into their doors and make extra revenue this year.

From the outside, the 826DC Tutoring Center appears to be a wacky gift shop called the Museum of Unnatural History. In the window, kids passing by can see a variety of curious items including Sabertooth Dental Floss or Unicorn tears. However, the true adventure lay just beyond the stuffed animals hanging from the ceiling. The 826DC is not just a gift shop; it’s an after-school tutoring center.


According to the article on CNN, students even seem to thrive in the unique environment. They enjoy the imaginative setting and the storefront boasts a 20% profit that directly benefits the growth of the writing center. Everyone wins.

SAT Prep pokies online Companies Engaged Students with Video

Tutoring company A-List Education Services recently launched VocabVideos. a new service which seeks to entertain and engage viewers with parodies of popular tv series like Lost, The Office, 24 and Gossip Girl. Using this format, A-List Education Services really brings a list of 500 high-frequency SAT vocabulary words to life. Students stay more engaged during their lessons, they can watch the videos from the privacy of their own home, and help students remember essential words more easily.

Take a look at a sample of one of these amusing videos from VocabVideos below:

More Tutors Taught Via Skype

Skype is an amazing tool for tutors. It takes teaching directly into the student”s home where they can interact and learn in a whole new way.

According to the New York Times, traditional tutors aren”t the only ones who have been able to use skype effectively to teach. Rabbis are embracing technology to teach and train young Jewish community members in the Bar Mitzvah tradition.  A 12-year-old Jewish student can fits in a day of Jewish training after school, while his other Jewish friends go to class in person.  According to the video, some rabbis are even recording corresponding Youtube videos to help young Jewish synagogue members learn challenging ceremonial prayers and chants.

Traditional programs have been embracing Skype, too. Here”s a helpful video that describes how Revolution SAT, a tutoring prep center, is using Skype to connect with people from all over the world.

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