No matter what industry your business belongs to, blogging is a very valuable use of your time. Blogging has the potential to engage your audience, attract prospects, and share thoughts and ideas which can thus be spread in the social media world.

Tutors considering starting a blog or tutoring companies who are already blogging may wonder how to use blogging to accomplish your goals. The goal isn’t to create a blog that will become one of the top 100 on the internet (though that would be nice, it’s unlikely); the goal is to create a blog which your prospects and customers will find valuable, entertaining, or informative.

Here are few ways to compel your audience with your tutoring blog:

1.     Know Why You Want to Blog

According to Chris Garrett, co-author of best-selling book Problogger and popular blog, businesses just getting into blogging need to take some time to think about why they want to blog and what they want to get out of it.

Blogging does have the power to simplify your marketing and help you gain more followerson Twitter, but unless you know why you desire those outcomes, you surely won’t get the most out of blogging.

2.    Create Believable Personas

To get the most out of your content strategy, consider for whom you are creating the content. Tutors should sit down and create believable personas of their readership. Consider who will be reading the blog and what they may be like. You can get as granular as you like during this exercise, but the important thing is that you”re writing for a person and not a subject. For example, if you’re a tutoring company that does test prep primarily, write content that will attract parents looking to help their child perform better on specific tests. Put yourself inside their head and ask what questions they always have then create a piece of content around those needs and questions.

3.   Separate Yourself from the Noise

Ben Kessler, Online Education Editor at Media Bistro, employing a blog strategy that focuses on using though-leadership and maximizing blogging time. The other bloggers on Media Bistro recommend that new bloggers separate themselves from the noise by being the authority on one particular topic and targeting their audience with gusto. The video below has some other tips on how to separate yourself and your blog from the noise online:

4.   Don’t Be Afraid to Do What Works for Others

If you’re just getting started with blogging, don’t be afraid to try content structures that work. Lists, for example, often do really well on blogs. They’re straight forward, organized, and are manually aggregated by the writer. As we said before, you want to separate yourself from the noise, but you Here is a selection of people having Uranus in leo weekly horoscope (around 3000 people). also want to format your content appropriately. Chris Garrett also recommends story-telling since it engages readers and requires the writer of the piece to entertain or captivate. Just like how someone might lose interest in a story you’re telling is too long without captivating cliff hangers and dramatic pauses, so should your blog post have a nice flow. If you’re telling a story about a challenge you faced in tutoring, consider adding mini headlines to frame your work and bold the points of your list so they grab the eye and allow the reader to scan an article before reading.

5.  Be Consistent

No one wants to follow a blog that doesn”t update consistently. By not writing regularly in your blog, you”re asking for your audience to forget you. Blogging is like a gym membership, it doesn”t work unless you go regularly and work hard. Also, imagine how it looks if a prospect takes a peek at your blog only to discover that you haven”t created anything new in months or weeks. They may wonder if you can be trusted to work hard on helping their son or daughter achieve their goals, if you have trouble setting your own and accomplishing them. If writing every more than once a week proves to be a challenge for you, try to write once a week or bi-weekly. You may find that once you get over the initial adjustment period, you can”t stop yourself from coming by your blog and leaving a new post.

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