Perhaps its Oscar fever for the Social Network, but this week I’ve got Facebook on the brain and it’s my intention to share it with you. If you’re just tuning in, within a week I’ve created two blog post with the intention of helping tutors get the most out of Facebook. If you want to learn more, check out 5 Common Mistakes Tutoring Companies Make on Facebook and How to Fix Them. I also heartily recommend 3 Reasons Tutors Need a Facebook Page Today.

I’ve also put together some great blog articles about Social Media and Facebook for you so perhaps you’ll have Facebook on the brain, too.

1.   Teacher Blog Controversy in Pennsylvania Points to Need for Social Media Guidelines

by Wesley Fryer, Moving at the Speed of Creativity

An active discussion about the need for social media guidelines erupted recently after a Pennsylvania teacher was caught blogging about classroom life in a personal blog. Now, Wesley Fryer, blogger at Moving at the Speed of Creativity, shares his insights on the case and shares some ideas on how Natalie could have used her blog more effectively. He also shares some insights into what schools are doing to encourage creatively-stimulating but, responsible social media usage.

2.   Faculty choose not to “friend” students on Facebook: Higher Education

by Karen Farkas,

Have you ever had a student you’re working with try to “friend” you on Facebook? How did you respond? Do you have an action plan for what would happen if a student attempted to find you on Facebook?

If you’re wondering how other professors, teachers and tutors may be responding to these questions, a survey put to 95 faculty members of four Ohio colleges of pharmacy reveals that fewer than half of respondents had a Facebook profile. Those who did have a profile said they wouldn’t ask current students to be a friend on Facebook and most agreed that adding students as a friend wasn’t a good idea.

3.  Hot on Facebook! Sick of highly paid teachers? Here’s what to do

by Valarie Strauss, The Answer Sheet blog

If you’re a Facebook user, you may have noticed an interesting and captivating meme going around as a Facebook Note. The author of the piece is unknown, but the satirical piece is meant to arouse concern about the unjust demands that society makes on teachers. It also is meant to point out how little teachers are paid vs. the work load their job requires. It’s worth a read and maybe, a repost, too!

4.   The Poor Do Not Use Facebook

by demographic group,

According to research shared by 247wallst, economically challenged individuals don’t use Facebook as much as educated individuals with steady income. They postulate that this is because lower and middle-class families aren’t investing in the technologies (smart phones, pcs, digital broadband services) which would make the Facebook experience so vital and enjoyable to well-education, wealthier demographics.

5.     Lessons in Social Media for Universities

by Steve Richards,

“When you think that the notoriously hard-to-reach 16-24 year olds hang out on Facebook more than anywhere else, it seems blindingly obvious that social media would be the place to reach them,” Steve Richards explains in his blog post on

However, as Steve goes on to explain that though social learning and online collaboration is growing, privacy, security and control issues are keeping many universities away from the social network. Or if they have a presence, the site is poorly maintained and lacking in real engagement with students.


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