College Maybe Isn’t For Everyone

by Jennifer Rubin, Right Turn Blog

When we’re younger, we’re told that getting a college education would be our ticket into the job world. However, some people believe that higher education implies a future that many don’t actually obtain; according to statistics provided in the article by Jennifer Rubin, many college graduates are working jobs that are require far less education than they themselves have.

Why Your Business Should Consider Reverse Mentorship

by Erica Swallow, Mashable

Digital natives, aka the generation who grew up with technology around them, could stand to teach many business leaders a thing or two about the latest social technologies or computers. However, we’re often taught that mentorship must be passed downward, not upward. In this article, the writer examines the problematic knowledge gap between seasoned veterans of business and the new generation of workers and offers reverse mentorship as a potential solution.

What International Test Scores Really Tell Us: Lessons buried in PISA report

by William J. Mathis, Guest Blogger for The Answer Sheet

Ever since last year’s dismal PISA test scores were revealed, American education professionals have been working toward trying to help our nation’s students stay competitive with other nations. Well, the 2010 PISA scores are in and we can finally see how well our American students performed compared to last year. William J. Mathis articulates around some buried data within the report that might be interesting to read.

Higher Education Needs a Tech Makeover

by Carolina Madrid, The Next Web

How useful is a technology if it suffers from continual outages and downtimes? Should we really trust a software that makes it more difficult for students to complete their work? Carolina Madrid takes a look at Blackboard and examines many of it’s shortcomings. She also makes an interesting argument that if Google would buy Blackboard they could improve many of the nagging problems and short-commings with the service.

5 Higher Tech Trends to Watch For in 2011

by Bridget McCrea, Campus Technology

It’s that time of year again. Time to look to the future and wonder about what it may mean for our careers, students and education technology. Bridget McCrea offers up her predictions on where education technology is headed in 2011.

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6 Digital Trends to Watch In Education
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