The SAT is a standardized test used by colleges to help them evaluate potential students. In three subject areas: Reading, Writing, and Math, it measures a student’s readiness for college courses. Universities and colleges use the SAT as part of their admissions process. The College Board administers this test in pencil and paper with multiple-choice questions. In addition to preparing for exams on their own, students may also seek the assistance of SAT tutors.

As the test covers elementary, middle, and high school curricula, students can also prepare for the exam by themselves. Mostly, it consists of a review of each subject’s foundation and practice. The College Board publishes the “Official Study Guide,” which contains eight practice tests. Therefore, to prepare for the test, students can utilize these practice tests strategically. They can also use online tools to grade the test and get a detailed diagnostic report to improve on each session. Here we will share how you can prepare for SAT exam by yourself.

SAT Case Study:

The smart strategy for SAT preparation is shown in the Figures,

Fig 1. Smart prep for the SAT
Fig 2. Effective Strategy to Achieve the Targeted Score
Fig. 3 Subject Area Analysis to Improve Total Points
Fig. 4 Subject Area Analysis to Improve Total Points
Fig. 5 Subject Area Analysis to Improve Total Points
Fig. 6 Subject Area Analysis to Improve Total Points

Downloading the test from the college board website is a good way to familiarize oneself and prepare for it.

Also, If you are focused, disciplined, and practice good time management you can definitely self-study for exams and achieve your targeted score.

You can also download the freely available ebook  “Strategies to Prepare SAT in an Effective Way”  from the Socrato website.

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