CollegeBoard recently announced that the SAT standardized test will undergo significant changes in the manner in which it is administered and administered. With the introduction of the Digital SAT in 2023, the SAT will move from a paper-and-pencil mode to a completely digital way. There will be a reduction in the exam length, ease of reading extended passages, and more adaptive questions on the test. 

Digital SAT vs SAT:

There will be a transition to a digital format for the SAT. Although the updated digital test covers the same content as the current paper test, it will be formatted and styled differently.

Digital SATSAT
FormatTaken on ComputerTaken on Paper
Time2hr 14 minutes3hr
# of Ques9814
Use of CalculatorCalculators are allowed during the course of the entire Math section.Calculators were allowed for SAT Math section but there were separately timed no-calculator and calculator-allowed sections.
Exam SectionsIt is a bisectional test consisting of a Reading & Writing Section and a Math Section.It has 3 Sections consisting of Reading, Writing, and Math Sections.
Score ScaleThe Digital SAT will continue to be scored on the 400–1600 scale.The scoring scale is 1600.

A redesign of the SAT pattern will result in an easier examination. In turn, the college board will have the opportunity to promote the benefits of the digital SAT compared to the current one. 

By shortening the exam, students won’t have to read through the difficult reading passages and the College Board won’t penalize them for wrong answers. Therefore, the major change is that the 2023 digital SAT will be a more user-friendly version so that students can cope with the changing pattern.

Downloading the test from the college board website is a good way to get familiar with the test and prepare for it.

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