The full ACT consists of four multiple-choice sections—in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science—with an optional Writing section. Some colleges and universities require or accept ACT writing scores, so you may consider taking the writing section.

8 Easy tips to find out your expected ACT test score using an online tool.

1. Take a complete timed test as the exam day from the Official Real Prep Guide.

  • This is a great study tool for the ACT. It contains three/five actual ACT tests from previous years, which is very helpful.
  • So, you can practice at your own pace.

2. Take a complete timed test as the exam day.

  • Set your target score.
  • Take offline/online full length test before the actual exam.

3. Take a picture of bubble sheet or create scanned PDF.

  • Download ACT bubble sheet template from the Socrato.
  • Take offline test then take a jpg/jpeg image of your bubble sheet after test.

4. Grade the bubble sheet image/scanned PDF through Socrato online scanning application.

  • To grade test, upload bubble sheet image in the application.
  • Make sure that file format should be in jpg/jpeg/pdf.

5. Generate the instant diagnostic report.

  • You will get a big picture summary of your test performance.
  • In the diagnostic report you can find your performance in subject and topic wise.

6. Get the total score and subject score.

  • You can check subject-wise, comparative, and composite score.
  • Now check subject-wise as well as topic-wise score.
  • You can evaluate your strength and areas of improvement.

7. Take another full test from Official ACT study guide.

  • If you got the expected composite score, Congratulation!!
  • Practice more test to build a confidence.
  • Analyze the diagnostic report.
  • Practice the section and question to achieve the targeted score.

8. Score the test again using online Socrato platform.

  • Get the detailed diagnostic report
  • Analyze the report and compare the score with previous report.
  • Identify the common wrong questions/topics in both the test.
  • Review the content
  • Practice questions of these topics
  • Take Practice section test.

Repeat – Repeat the same cycle of taking full test, analysis, taking practice test till you
get the targeted practice score.

Moreover, Understanding the syllabus can help you prepare for tests and avoid nasty surprises on test days. Moreover, it will help you in preparing an optimal study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses in different subject areas.

Smart Strategy for ACT preparation test in a month download the ACT free e-Book.  

Grade your ACT practice test bubble-sheet online to get a detailed Socrato diagnostic report.

Congratulations & Good Luck on Final Test!!

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