With 596 million users and counting, Facebook is becoming much more than a social network – it’s become part of the very fabric of modern communication as we know it. Facebook facilitates the sharing of ideas between people, businesses, brands and the rest of the world.

Twenty years ago, when there was no Facebook, many people would turn to their neighbors, friends, and television for advice on what to buy and what brands to watch. Brands spent a whole lot on advertising in those days – there was a lot of talking at customers instead of pulling them in. As you’ve probably realized, society quickly got tired of being marketed to – they found new and inventive ways to block out and filter unwanted messages…TIVO, Voicemail, Caller ID. Google and other search engines put the power back in the hands of the consumer to seek out the things they want and to filter out what is not needed. Now there’s a new way to filter messages and discover new things: Facebook.

People Want to Connect with Brands

With Facebook people can connect with the brands in a way that gives them more control. They have the power to opt into the communications they desire and opt out of the ones that they deem unnecessary. They can “Like” as many or as little brands as they desire. They can comment back and talk to their brands. They can even gain access to special perks for being a fan and staying the course.

Before you make your first page, realize that your fans needs should be heart of the Facebook page. They are what fuel the page and give it life. Don’t psyche yourself out if people don’t know you yet, if you work hard…they will.

Supplements Your Other Marketing Efforts

Your Facebook Page is not a newsletter, but you can share news instantaneously with fans. It shouldn’t be treated as your primary website, instead you should post content to your page that will help drive fans back to your website, engage with your brand, and share your brand with others who might not be familiar with it. For example, when a fan “likes” your tutoring company on Facebook, their friends and network will see it. Though you may only have a handful of Facebook fans at first – you also have the opportunity of inspiring curiosity within their network of friends, too.

Forces Brand Personality, Instead of Sales Pitches

If you’re a tutor, you’re in the people business.

A Facebook page is your opportunity to share the personality of your brand, instead of your value proposition or marketing pitch with your fans and supporters. Facebook fans respond to consistent, helpful, entertaining, and valuable interactions. Think of your Facebook Page not as a marketing chore, but your chance to swing by your fans and let them know you’re thinking about them and always trying to give them the knowledge they need to get the most out of your services.

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