If you’re not yet using free video lectures to engage your students, you’re missing out on one of the best, free educational resources out there on the web today.

Thousands of universities have increased their own transparency by posting their video lectures online. Whether you’re a tutor looking to brush up on a topic or bestow a lesson plan on one of your students, there’s no better place to start looking than the following websites.


With over 7000 video lectures, this website also has a social media web presence on Facebook and Twitter that you can interact with. It might be best for students in college who are pursuing Computer Engineering since the site puts an special emphasis on that particular topic, but they also cover several general topics such as biology and mathematics.

Kahn Academy

We’ve celebrated the Kahn Academy on our blog before, but we continue to say that it’s one of the best free tutoring resources out there. The ex-financial analyst’s YouTube page features over 1,800 videos on a variety of topics including Test Preparation, Science and Math.


This simple website is broken up into several categories including Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Math & Statistics and other courses that would be useful for engaging students.

Apple iTunes U

Apple’s offering to the world of education is vast. They have an impressive collection of 35,000 free lectures from all over the world.

MIT OpenCourseWare

With free lecture notes from over 2000 courses, exams and videos, MIT’s OpenCourseWare offering is an exceptional place for tutors to polish up on advanced subjects and captivating lectures from the Boston institution.

Academic Earth

If you’re looking for a variety of different lectures from the world’s top scholars, Academic Earth may be the place to find it. As one of Time’s top 50 websites of 2009, this free lecture site allows students from all over the world to access course lectures from America’s top schools: Harvard, Yale, Stanford and much more.

Free Video Lectures

The headline says it all: “790+ Online Courses, 18400+ Videos from Top 30+ Universities on 35+ Categories. You can even download the lectures in MP4, FLV, 3GP, and MP3 for easy access later.

YouTube EDU

YouTube EDU is a fantastic place to start doing a little research for popular and well-liked lectures. Fair warning, however, not all the videos are actual lectures. YouTube EDU features any education-themed video. To access lectures quickly and easily, just travel to YouTube EDU and search for “lectures”.

Open Courseware Consortium

Search this collaboration of higher education videos to discover a huge variety of free online video lectures from hundreds of universities.


Free resource TeacherTube is a place for all teachers to find and discover educational videos and lectures in a YouTube-like environment.

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