Update on Next-Generation Assessment Systems

On September 18, 2013, in ACT, Assessment & Testing, Common Standards, Education Industry, common core, standardized testing, by Scott Cronenweth

The purpose of all this testing is to measure individual students’ educational development, to guide teachers and support intervention. Ostensibly the tests will encompass not only academics, but also “interest inventories,” behavioral skills assessment by teachers, and more.

The State of Digital Education — Are You Ready for Disruption?


Just as it has disrupted major industries like telecommunications and retail, the Internet is now rapidly disrupting educational paradigms as well.

Ranking Universities Worldwide by Courses of Study

On May 21, 2013, in Education Industry, In The News, by Scott Cronenweth

An education company in Britain, QS, annually publishes a report that ranks 400 top colleges and universities worldwide by thirty specific majors or courses of study.

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2014 Federal Budget Proposal Emphasizes STEM Education

On April 23, 2013, in Education Industry, In The News, by Scott Cronenweth

President Obama’s 2014 proposed federal budget reflects his long-standing advocacy for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. The new budget creates a STEM Master Teaching Corps, while also giving science research institutions an explicit role in directing public school curricula.

Proposed 2014 US Education Budget Makes Big Investment in Early Learning

On April 16, 2013, in Education Industry, In The News, Teaching, Tutoring, by Scott Cronenweth

US President Barak Obama’s 2014 budget proposal asks for an “historic investment” in early learning opportunities. President Obama is being applauded for taking a bold step towards removing stumbling blocks that low-income children and other vulnerable preschoolers often face on the path towards success in school.

The Teacher’s Apple

On November 13, 2012, in Education Industry, Technology in Education, ed tech, online learning, by Scott Cronenweth

As more and more laptops, smartphones and tablets find their way into college, high school and increasingly even middle school and grade school classrooms, more and more of that equipment is designed and sold by Apple. Why haven’t tech giants like Microsoft been more successful at taking market share from Apple in this growing market?

Global Private Tutoring Market to Exceed $100 Billion by 2018

On October 31, 2012, in Education Industry, In The News, Tutoring, by Scott Cronenweth

According to a study just released by the market research firm Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA), the worldwide market for private tutoring is projected to grow beyond $102.8 billion by 2018.

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The Value of Online Tutoring for Remediated College Students

On June 5, 2012, in Education Industry, In The News, Tutoring, online learning, by Scott Cronenweth

If online tutoring really is highly effective, and is preferred by many learners because of its convenience and the fact that it offers a degree of anonymity… why not leverage it to support remedial students? Better yet, why not build online tutoring support into redesigned, entry-level for-credit classes as “Bridge to Nowhere” advocates?

Online-Only Public Schools: Potential Impacts on Tutors

On April 10, 2012, in Education Industry, Technology in Education, Tutoring, Uncategorized, online learning, by Scott Cronenweth

The popularity of online public schools is increasing nationwide. Full-time online public education is now available to students in grades K-12 in about 30 states. Currently, over 250,000 students are enrolled in public online charter schools. Are cyber-schools really a better way to approach public education?

The STEM Trend’s Growing Impact on Out-of-School Learning

On January 10, 2012, in Education Industry, Technology, Technology in Education, Tutoring, by Scott Cronenweth

The growing energy behind STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curricula in US schools is influencing the after-school and tutoring communities to provide new learning options.