Receiving a bad test score can be tense and disappointing, especially if you put a lot of time and effort into studying. You may feel like you let yourself or your family and friends down, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve! With open communication, acknowledgment, and dedication, you can go on to achieve great grades, meet your expectations. After all, learning how to do better next time is an important part of learning! What to do when your child gets a bad grade in standardized test:

Don’t Panic

  • If your child brings home a bad mark on a test or assignment, don’t panic.
  • One bad grade isn’t the end of the world.

Review Mistakes

  • Look for a pattern to help identify the cause of these mistakes.
  • Is it a certain type of question (like multiple choice/Grid-in/long answer)?
  • Once you know why your child struggled, you can start focusing on fixing those areas.

Find Areas of Improvement

  • Look for areas your child can improve for his or her next test.
  • Through Subject Area Performance Analysis, you can find nearly all mistakes fall into the following categories:
    • Subject-wise,
    • Section-wise,
    • Topic-wise,
    • Sub Topic-wise,
    • Subject-Depth level-wise.
  • Answer Distribution Reports allows you to get detailed insight about an individual student for the subject / topics of the given exam.

Set New Goals

  • After you have figured pinpoint what goes wrong in each test attempts, set a goal for the next test or assignment.
  • Using online tools, for scoring practice standardized exams and generating analytic and diagnostic performance reports.

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