SAT’s are completed, college applications are submitted, and final exams are over! Now, Summer is here and students are wondering what else there is to do. Should you continue to do things that involve concentration on college/job interests? Absolutely! Interning with people and organizations that closely fit the mold of what you will be majoring in in college is great, and any volunteering or interning consistently always looks great on your resume.

Why Should I Intern?

Well, when it comes to the work field, education is a great foundation to have on your resume. To further hold an employer’s interest, especially one that you confidently are working to join forces with, experience in your field of interest is pertinent. It is simply how the times have changed. Most employers will not even consider interviewing a candidate if that person has no history if interning or volunteering at one, and preferably more than one place.

Interning and volunteer experience can be very beneficial to a student who would be interested in evolving their relationship at any particular place they intern at as many companies will hire on interns after a certain period of time. Wouldn’t that be delightful to develop a meaningful business relationship with a place you intern at? It makes transitioning into a paid position so much more smooth and easy.

Students who have interning experience may also start off at a higher pay rate than those who absolutely no experience in work history at all.

In college, some internships provide college credit eligibility. You must consult with your college advisor and place of internship to see if this would be available, and usually is an easy conversation to have.

Other great benefits of interning/volunteering is that students will gain knowledge, hands-on experience, and building a personal/business network of references that could possibly open up many doors of opportunity in the future. By following through completely with internships, students will have a better understanding of what work will be like day to day in their future, and can even sometimes steer students to choose another field to work towards in college – You may discover that engineering is something you thought you wanted to do, but are truly passionate about something slightly or completely different than that and choose to move on to what better fits your interests.

Below are resources for students seeking internships, and we highly recommend researching and contacting as soon as possible to make your plans accordingly:


Socrato wishes students all of the best when it comes to taking that leap of confidence to kickstarting the path to career success. Check back with us for more tips and information!

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