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How have you (or your student) really done on SAT or ACT test prep? Do you know exactly what to focus on before next mock practice test?

We are please to invite you to try theTestGrader, where you can grade, score and get detailed personalized reports for ACT / SAT full tests or individual section reports. In few clicks convert your books / paper based test practice responses in scaled score, points lost by subject area, and detailed performance analysis.

Some time back we created the free ACT test scoring and composite score calculation tool and has written number of article about ACT Scoring process. Continuing on our work, we have automated the full process for ACT and SAT scoring, grading, composite score calculation, and most importantly Point Lost analysis at theTestGrader.com.

Grade individual section and get same detailed analysis as full test. See the sample ACT test section report which is similar to full ACT or SAT report.

theTestGrader is currently supporting individual section reporting for 10 SAT tests from the latest book by CollegeBoard and 3 ACT tests from the Real ACT Prep guide.

It’s free during the beta phase. So, create reports for your student, or have your students generate their reports directly. The process is simple:

1. Go to http://www.thetestgrader.com and see the demo
2. Select appropriate exam, test #, and section
3. Transfer responses on online bubblesheet
4. Get score and download report in PDF format

While still in Beta, you may see issues. We hope theTestGrader will save time for tutors and students. If you have any suggestions, request for additional tests, or any other feedback, please reach out to us.