We are excited to share our most recent release of features and test practice content, including MCAS 10th Grade Math. Students will gain confidence by practicing MCAS questions from previous years’ tests.  We have designed Socrato so that teachers can easily assess student progress, and can share content with students and each other. This will reduce classroom preparation and review time because Socrato quickly identifies the areas where students need help.

We always enjoy feedback and we use it to create new features like the ones listed below. Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can improve things.

Highlights of changes in the latest release:

Better access to Content

Users can upload and share their own content 

Users can upload any type of content directly to Socrato. They can keep the content private, share it with their friends and colleagues, or with the rest of the world. For example, content can be old exam papers, answer sheets in document format or even individual questions and answers.

Better search and browsing

Users can find content using various criteria including: recently created, most popular, search by category or guided navigation. Users can also mark any content as personal favorites and enjoy quick access to favorites in the ‘My Stuff’ area.


Based on feedback we have received, we simplified the Session Start page. Users will still have access to a few of the additional settings during Take Test. Let us know what you think.

Groups and Collaboration

This is a brand new feature. Anyone can create groups. A group can be a study group managed by students, tutor groups, or a classroom group. The creator of the group can decide whether to keep the group private, protected or make it public. Groups allow users to work on–and report on–a common set of tests.

Reports & Analysis

There are new reports available which allow users to assess their strengths and weaknesses by curriculum subject strands. These are now available for MCAS practice tests.


Lots of other improvements. Check it out and let us know what you think.


The Socrato Team