College Board announces couple of changes on January 19th 2021

  • SAT Essay: College board has announced the SAT Writing (optional) will be removed. As per many colleges the Essay score were not adding any value in the college admission process. The SAT essay will continue to be offered through June to anyone who wants to take it. After that, the College Board said, it will be available only in certain states, including Delaware and Oklahoma, that use the SAT for school accountability measurement and offer the test during the school day.
  • SAT Subject Test: College Board will not be offering SAT subject tests from this year itself. Students who register for the SAT subject test should contact College Board for cancellation.  There are still few months juniors and seniors can plan to take AP exams, if available for their courses. If AP courses are not offered in your school, you can still self-study and take the test in the schools which offer that AP exams.  You can find the AP course, school and test centers are here –

AP exam are in May you can find the test dates and registration information here –

  • SAT Test: College Board is also planning to revise the main SAT test to the make the test more flexible” and “streamlined” and enable students to take the exam digitally instead of with pencil and paper. The details will be shared in April.

Maintain Social Distancing, Be Safe, and Save Lives. 

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