SSAT Overview

The Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT), and it’s used for admission to private middle schools and high schools. The purpose of the SSAT is to attend an elite private middle or high school, this is a test you’ll need to do well on. Because the SSAT helps test students for admission to private middle and high schools, different levels of the test are:

  • Upper Level- 8th grade and above.
  • Middle Level- 5th, 6th and 7th grade.
  • Elementary Level- 3rd and 4th grade.

The SSAT is a standardized test that assesses a student’s skills in three core areas: Quantitative, Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, and Essay (optional). There is a wrong answer penalty on the SSAT.

Exam Details

SSAT SectionsDuration
(in min.)
Writing Sample/Essay
251Essay prompt
  Break 10 minutes 
Section 1: Quantitative (Math)3025Multiple-choice
Section 2: Reading
  Break 10 Minutes 
Section 3: Verbal Reasoning3060Multiple-choice
Section 3: Verbal Reasoning3025Multiple-choice
Section 3: Verbal Reasoning1516Multiple-choice
Table 1: SSAT Exam Detail

SSAT Scoring System

Total # of Points504060116160
Upper-Level Scaled Score500-800500-800500-800NANA1500-2400
Middle-Level Scaled Score440-710440-710440-710NANA920-2130
Time/Question (Approx.)1 Min. 2 Sec.1 Min.30 Sec.25 Min.1 Min. 06 Sec.NA
Question TypeMultiple ChoiceMultiple ChoiceMultiple ChoiceEssay PromptMultiple ChoiceNA
Table 2: SSAT Score System

SSAT Score Report Calculation:

Step 1: Finding your strong subjects

You take the mock-up test without preparation with any institutes or online tools like Socrato, which provides the diagnostic/analytical reports etc.

Step 2: Finding your strong subjects

For example, shown in figure subject scores are
SSAT Verbal = 752,
SSAT Quantitative= 698,
SSAT Reading= 692.

Figure 1: SSAT Sample Score Report Calculation

Step 3: Setting the targeted score.

• To figure out your SSAT target score, look up the score range
requirements of colleges.
• Usually on an average score range requirements of many colleges
are 2200-2400.
• For example:
• Assuming the targeted score is 2300.
• This is an example of achieving the targeted score
of approximately 2304.
• And your Baseline SSAT Total Score = 2142 as per mockup
• Score difference between Targeted score and Mock-up
test score.
SSAT Total and Baseline SAT Total i.e. 2304-2142 = 162
more scale points are needed to achieve your goal.

Figure 2: SSAT Sample Score Report Calculation

Step 4: Subject Area & Topic-Wise Analysis to Improve Total Points.

To get a 2304 scaled score – we need to adjust 10 points to increase
162 total score = 2142+162 = 2304 SSAT total (target score).
• Assuming all the answers are correct since there is a wrong answer
penalty on the SSAT.

Figure 3: SSAT Sample Score Report Calculation

For any details, information downloads the e-book. You can get the Diagnostic Report. Furthermore, check out the YouTube channel.

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