Your STEM and ELA scores represent your overall performance on the specific subject tests you took. The STEM score also looks at the science and mathematics tests to produce a combined score, and the ELA does the same for the English, reading, and writing tests. If you didn’t receive a score for one of the subject areas, no STEM or ELA score is produce.

What is ELA?

ELA stands for the English Language Arts which is a combination of your English reading and writing scores. ACT Exam has eliminated these combined English/Writing scores. ELA is an average of the English, Reading, and Writing scores. Although the optional writing score does not affect the composite score of the student ELA Score is not mention if the student does not take the writing plus test.

How is ELA Calculated?

ACT Organization now takes English, Reading, and Writing together to give you one ELA score. The ELA score measures the overall performance of English, reading, and writing and is calculate as the average score across the three subjects.

  • ELA Calculation: (English + Reading + Writing) / 3 = ELA
  • Suppose we have (24 + 23 + Writing) / 3 = 24. The Writing score range is, therefore, 24–26.
  • ELA Score range between 1to36.
  • ELA score is not use for college admission.
  • If a student does not take the optional Writing Test, ACT will not provide an ELA score.

What is STEM Score?

STEM score measures overall performance in math and science and is calculate as the average score across the two subjects.

The ACT STEM Benchmark (26) is a higher standard than either the Math (22) or Science (23) Benchmarks. Because the first-year college courses popular among STEM majors tend to be more difficult, as a result, higher ACT scores are requires to have a reasonable chance of success in those courses.

How is STEM Score Calculated?

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) score measures overall performance is calculates as the average score across the two subjects.

  • The STEM Calculation: (Math + Science) / 2 = STEM
  • STEM Score range between 1to36.
  • STEM scores are not typically use for college admission.

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