What are some of the issues that we face in the world of education, in 2016? Fortunately, 2016 is the year that optimists have seen as the year that will bring many issues with education in the United States, to the forefront. Let’s talk about what our students are facing this year, and the future years with their education.

  1. Homework: This is definitely a subject everyone wants to talk about. Some wonder if homework actually helps students learn and retain knowledge better, or if it’s simply a way to keep kids busy and build a state of authority from teacher to student.
  2. How Poverty Effects The Reach of Education: Let’s face it, being in the poverty zone affects how a student intakes information and knowledge, how they interact in school, and how they are able to handle stress in places outside of their home. Teachers and leaders have constantly worked to fight this battle, and we hope to see that improve more and more over the years.
  3. Education in  Politics: This can be a tough topic for any political party. Everyone hopes for the best possible situations in education. In the past, political parties sometimes have been notorious for giving negative feedback, blaming teachers for why education isn’t where it needs to be. This can be a finger-pointing contest, however the leaders and people need to come together for viable solutions to better education, nationwide.
  4. What Are Future Ready Schools?: Quoted from the Office of Educational Technology website: Future Ready builds on the momentum of the President’s ConnectED Initiative with the launch of the Future Ready Pledge. Signing the pledge means superintendents are committing to foster and lead a culture of digital learning in their district and to share what they have learned with other districts.”
  5. Grading and Feedback in the Classroom: Does grading and proper feedback propel students to do well in school? Grading papers and assignments over and over can become tedious and exhausting for one person. Grading and feedback are to be carefully handed out with all attention paid to one student at a time.
  6. Free Education For Everyone?: This has been a less solid topic than some throughout the times. Some say that college degrees and higher education will still have some costs to obtaining certificates and degrees however, tuition and routine bills/costs will be obselete. This will allow anyone and everyone to affordably obtain higher education  – What a dream that many wish will be true, and soon!
  7. US Department of Education Plans: We all know Obama signed for the ESEA Act Rewrite. This act is supposed to give states and districts more control over curriculum and education in their regions. With elections in full swing, we will all be updated very soon on how this new Rewrite will affect education.