Speed is of essence when it comes to the ACT. After all, you only have so much time to answer all the questions in each section. However, the faster you go, the more likely you are to make mistakes, for which you would then end up losing out on points.

Here you go… Do’s and Dont’s for ACT bubble Sheet on exam day.


Bubbling in Wrong Answers

Transferring the answer from the booklet to your head, to the answer sheet sounds simple enough, but even the best test-takers can get off a row sometimes, and that can throw a wrench in your whole answer sheet.

Not Bubbling In

It’s easy to forget about the scantron and just circle the answers in your practice test. However, using a scantron can be confusing, so you don’t want your first time using one to be on the day you take the ACT.


Time management is, without question, one the toughest aspects of the ACT. The test is a sheer sprint with an average of less than one minute for each question. As a result, many students naturally try to adapt by rushing to complete every question as quickly as possible before moving on to the next one. 


Bubble the spread

Don’t bubble in your answer after every question. That wastes too much time and pulls your head out of the zone.

Instead, answer all the questions on the page (or pages) in front of you. Before you turn the page, bubble in all the answers on that page or those pages.

Write your answer in the left column

After you circle your answer, write the letter to the left of the question.

That way, you can easily scan down the page with your eyes and see which letters you need to bubble in.

Do a Section at a Time

One way to keep yourself on track and avoid the misalignment booboo is to fill in the bubbles for one-page-worth of questions at a time. In other words, start on page one and read each question on that page, and circle or mark the correct answers in your test booklet.

After the 5 min warning, bubble in after every question

After the 5 min warning, switch back to bubbling in after every question.

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