Amid novel Corona Virus Deceases (COVID-19) global pandemic the SSAT will be held on April 10, 2021. If your kid is interested in attending an independent school, they will likely need to take the Secondary School Admissions Test (SSAT exam) in order to apply. We have the material you need on what not to do on the SSAT exam.

  • Don’t guess unless you can remove one or more answer choices as wrong.
  • Don’t rush, but keep moving. Use your time wisely by earning as many points as you can by answering all questions that are easy for you.
  • Do not waste lots of time on more tough questions.
  • Don’t lose path of where you are on your answer sheet.
  • Don’t skip the practice tests. You should start prepping at least four months before you plan to take the SSAT.
  • Analyze your performance: what are your strengths and weaknesses, and what growth will you need to see in order to reach your goal?
  • Take a practice test every four weeks or so and use them as a time to increase your familiarity with the format and feel of the test. Also perform a check-in to see how your trouble areas are progressing.
  • Don’t keep up the same test prep pace until you take the test. Give yourself a break.
  • Don’t take the test just once.
  • Don’t miss these official tips from the SSAT exam website. They include setting a pace, getting a good night’s sleep before the test, and starting practice early.

To score high students can use Socrato to practice online and get insights beyond scores.

Maintain Social Distancing, Be Safe, and Save Lives.

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