The SATs are fast approaching and Socrato would like to send you on your way with the best test taking tips and preparation beforehand, to help you ace your exams with flying colors. Sometimes you may feel nervous or overly confident about taking the SATs, but these test taking tips will ease some of that uneasiness you may be feeling and get your mind right to stay focused on your end goal.


Let’s take a look for preparing for exam day:

  • If you are studying in groups, make sure to study in small groups – This way, each person is held accountable, everyone who is committed and serious shows up, and you have other peers to bounce your ideas and questions off of for outside review.
  • Create a one page summary of equations, vocabulary and definitions that you may need for test day. Bring this page with you before you enter exams to review, to retain the information needed, best you can.
  • DO NOT stay up all night studying – You will not feel refreshed or positive about being exhausted before exams take place and this could lead you to forget a lot of the information that you have been studying for.
  • Have two or more alarm clocks set to allow you to get ready, travel, and be at your exams on time. This means time to wake up, time to wake up late, time for a healthy breakfast, and time for any traffic issues that may slow you down on the way to your exams.
  • Bring all materials that are allowed in exams, plus backups.


Exam day:

  • Read through each question thoroughly, and make sure you understand it – If you don’t get it after reading through it several times move on to the next question and come back to the one you skipped at a later time – The SATs are timed sections.
  • Make sure your work is legible, and don’t worry so much about grammatical issues.
  • If you have time left over after you are finished with your exam, make sure to check back for missing any questions and do them if you did.
  • If you happen to panic or get anxious – Stop what you are doing, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and refocus.
  • Remember to always stay positive! You are already taking the exam, there’s no turning back. Do the best that you know how and just stay focused.


Whether this is your first time taking SATs or a repeat tester, Socrato is here for your study needs and also keeps you all up to date with the latest test formats and what you need to know about them. Good luck, best wishes, and remember to study smart and efficiently – Happy SAT exam taking!