For many high schools, summer is a time for vacation as well as some summer reading. Assigned summer reading lists are especially common for students taking English and other text-based classes, where they may be accompanied by book reports.

Whether or not you have summer reading, reading can be a rewarding challenge and even something to enjoy. In addition, reading and writing have the value of better preparing you for future classes, standardized tests, college applications, careers, and more. Here are a few tips to help you make the most out of your reading time:

  • Make a timetable for your reading list. Estimate how long it will take to finish each book and assignments such as book reports. Get a quick start to your reading by beginning with a book you find interesting.
  • Make an additional list of books you would like to read personally. Reward yourself for finishing assigned books by reading ones you choose. For example, for each book or chapter you read, take a break to read from your personal favorites. Even better, some schools will allow you to choose your own books.
  • Do Background Reading for Difficult Books. For help in comprehension, read brief book synopses on Wikipedia or SparkNotes that contain information about the plot, author, context, and symbolism in the book.
  • Explore Book-Related Media. From Homer to Shakespeare, many classic stories have been adapted into movies, TV shows, theatrical plays, illustrated novels, and even video games. These can help you understand the theme and meaning of stories better.
  • Read Outside or with Friends. You can help your reading along by reading in pleasant places like your yard, parks, the beach, or a cafe. Some students like to read in libraries to help them focus, or with their friends for motivation.

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