Mostly test measures one thing how good you are at taking the SAT. More practice will improve your score—you don’t have to memorize your entire textbook or you just need to learn how the SAT works with strategies. With full dedication and lots of practice tests, you will score higher.

It’s important to stay calm and relaxed during the test. We should be aware of few key points before the test day.

Below are some of the helpful tips and strategies you can apply on test day.

You should know –          

  • First study the direction of each SAT section and get familiar with section directions before the test. On test, day-use your time for the test, not for section directions.           
  • Even get familiar with the time and number of questions in each section.      
  • Bring your watch or timer and set the time 5 minutes early before the end time to review all the answers properly.
  • Read all the questions of each section first and mark the easy questions.
  • If you are not sure of the correct answer, use the answer booklet to mark the answers. Now mark the final answers in the bubble sheet. 
  • In fact avoid stray marks in the bubble sheets as the bubble sheet scored by the machine. Usually, tests score by machine cannot differentiate between correct answers and stray marks.
  • Fill the grid-in answers correctly and neatly in the Math Grid-in section.
  • Use #2HB pencil to fill the bubble sheet. 

Strategy to answer the questions in SAT– 

  • Review all the questions first in each sections. 
  • Now mark the easy, difficult and unknown questions. 
  • In SAT test usually, easy questions are preceded by hard questions, answer all the easy questions first. 
  • Read the hard questions at least a couple of times to make sure you understand the question correctly.        
  • Manage your time while test-taking, spend few moments on easy questions, spend the rest time on hard questions.
  • Eliminate the incorrect answers so you can narrow down the correct answer selection also. 
  • All the questions will have only one correct answer.     
  • However there is no penalty for incorrect answers, so Do NOT SKIP the questions, guess the correct answers. 
  • Finally, the bonus tip is usually, your first response is correct.

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