How many things do you need to be a successful prospective college student candidate? Having all of your ducks in a row and staying focused on your studies are a couple of the most important things to do. Just like you would with any other aspects of your life, you give your time to the things that matter the most. You’ve prepared to take your SAT exam, but what about the SAT Subject Tests? In our previous post on the Importance of SAT Subject Tests for College Admissions, we talked about why SAT subject tests are important when it comes to providing the best possible outcome for you when applying to your college of choice. College is a pretty big deal as it will be where you’ll spend the next chapters of your life carving out how you will live the rest of your life.

Today, Socrato will give you insight on resources and tips you can practically use to be supremely successful come exam time.

  • Find the right materials to study for the subject test you’re looking to take and study them until you know and understand them  up and down.
  • College Board’s Official SAT Subject Test Guide textbook is a great resource to add to your study items.
  • Peak Test Prep has online SAT Subject Test resources that you can pull up from your desktop or devices when you’re on the go.
  • Sparknotes SAT Subject Test practice is a completely free resource.
  • Prep Scholar and Kap Test are not free, but provide more material for you to practice testing on.


Now, we will talk about ways that you can prepare yourself for the SAT Subject Tests that you choose to take:

  • If you have a tutor or teacher that is already assisting you in this process of getting college ready, go to them for knowledge on how they may know how to best prepare you for these tests. Ask questions!
  • Confront the information and subjects that you do NOT know and are not comfortable with – And MAKE yourself comfortable and knowledgeable of them. Take a practice test and go back to the answers you got wrong, and focus on learning this information to where you could recite it out loud without turning to a textbook, because after all, you won’t have an answer key with you while you’re taking your exams.
  • Read and study through your textbooks for all of the questions, answers and truly make the effort to understand how they make sense TOGETHER. Anything you may not get from your textbooks, try researching online on credible educational websites. Use your best judgement when learning what to take with you as useful information.
  • And lastly, practice, study, practice, and study! The more you concentrate on obtaining the knowledge you’ll need to ace these SAT Subject tests, the better chances you’ll give yourself to do well on them.

Our team at Socrato wishes students the best wishes and luck on acing your SATs, ACTs, and SAT Subject Tests. Remember to check back with our blog and website for the most up to date resources to help you get ready for your exams and college future.

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