How does one figure out how to prepare for the new SAT to earn the highest possible scores for colleges to review and for yourself too? Socrato has some tips and other resources to best help you prepare for this year’s newly formatted SAT exams.

  • There are not a ton of study resources since the new SAT is still quite new.
  • Aside from studying vocabulary words, you should also practice advanced reading to test your ability to define words based on their context.
  • In the Critical Reading section, focus on passage based questions and ignore sentence-completion sentences.
  • Study and practice ACT science questions.
  • Study and practice LSAT logical reasoning questions to get an idea of how to handle data reasoning questions on the SAT.
  • When you are studying and practicing mock tests, keep a notebook handy to record your mistakes so you can focus on why you are making those mistakes, to better prepare yourself to get those correctly on the exams.
  • All together, you may want to consider studying and practicing an entire ACT exam as the new SATs will highly reflect the format of the ACT and there are plenty of ACT study resources already out there for you to explore.


  • College Board
  • Manage your college courses per semester with the iStudiez Lite.
  • Learn and practice your vocabulary every day with Vocabulary Builder.
  • Search and take courses to subjects that you want to practice on with Coursera.
  • Speak your notes into this app called Dragon Dictation and they will be converted digitally into something you can look back on later.
  • Take quizzes to help you get your test-taking skills to the level they need to be on when your exam day comes up with Quizlet.

Socrato would like to also remind you all that aside from what today’s world of technology has to offer to help you with test prep, that you must also prepare yourself mentally and physically as well. Yes, there is a new SAT test that is different than what it was – It is still an exam. Getting enough rest, eating properly, exercising are just some of the things that you should apply to your other practices that you will be preparing yourself for your SAT exam.

Socrato also offers the practice session and diagnostic reports for New SAT test. You can download college board practice test from College Board and take the test using the Socrato Platform. Socrato diagnostics will provide the full insight of each subject.

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