These days, there are so many revolutionary, progressive movements happening within the education world. Who would have thought that being able to tutor pupils through a computer, from anywhere and anytime in the world would be possible, and even somewhat desired by students? The lingering question from anyone who purchases a service is, “How much do you charge…What is your going rate?” – Something along those lines. For tutors who choose to offer services online, the going rate they can charge ranges anywhere from $20 – $50 per session, and sometimes higher for specialty subjects and/or circumstances. What are some of the things that go into rates and quotes for an online tutor? Let’s take a look:

  • Parents and students should get the full details from their online tutor on ways each session will be monitored and that goal setting should be precise and clear from the start.
  • Since online tutoring will purely be via phone, emails, skype chats, etc. – One must set expectations on how tutor and student will communicate on certain subjects/projects. A calendar with regular communication of choice is a great suggestion if you’re unsure on how you want your online tutoring mentorship to go.
  • Parents should communicate with the tutor about how they would like to discuss and address a student’s obstacles and how they plan to handle these situations.
  • Some people wonder if they might be better off with ordering an online course at a lower price package since it may seem to be the same kind of education – Be aware that online courses are not real people and that questions students may have may not be addressed in a timely manner as it would when working with a real online tutor.
  • Choose a tutor that has experience in tutoring, period. If online tutoring is as new to them as it is to you, this gives you and your student a pretty open road to negotiate and discuss how you want things to work in the best interest of your child’s learning patterns.
  • Make sure that your online tutor has a moderately flexible schedule for you and your student, even if they have multiple clients – This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring an online tutor, flexibility in meeting times and communication.
  • Just like you would want your student to get along well with an in-person tutor, the same goes for an online one. When meeting, make sure to ask your student if first, online tutoring feels effective to them, and then if their chemistry with their tutor clicks.
  • Always ask about resources and connections that your online tutor includes in their service packages. You want to be as clear as possible about everything included in their services as you won’t be meeting them in person.

If you’re still wondering on whether you should choose online tutoring for you or your student, and if the cost is worth everything that is included in the process, you can always visit informational sites about online tutoring like Angies List and read up on forums where there are people with real experience in online tutoring that can possibly clear up any confusion you may have on the subject.