Hip hip-Hooray! It is the end of the school year, but it is not the end quite just yet. You must ace your final exams before saying goodbye to what you once always knew as your everyday routine.

SAT’s? Check. After school ends, plans? Check. Now let’s round out the remainder of your year with a helpful cheat sheet of online resources, applications, and Socrato’s best forward tips to help you get through end of the year exams!

Best Online Resources to Follow:


  • Noisli is a great site to provide background noises for focusing when you are studying for final exams. Instead of distracting yourself with television shows or roudy music with lyrics that could blur your focus, Noisli gives you very basic background noises that you might hear at a coffee shop, at the lake/ocean, and even calming sounds of nature.
  • Ask for help with learning how to write essays of quality at EssayMama. There are essays up for purchase, you may not need that service but since they do have experts at writing college essays, they have the knowledge and skill to help you answer questions you may have.
  • Quill offers proofreading, grammar, and practice tests for students that need extra practice and/or guidance. This will help students become more confident in their work come exam day.
  • Study.com has a wide range of study videos that are recorded by teachers who want to help students understand subjects that may not be covered well in schools. You can watch videos from any of your devices.


Apps For Your Brain:


  • Lumosity is a great app to jog your brain by providing games for the brain: memory, attention span, problem solving, and flexibility of thinking. What’s learning if it isn’t fun, right?
  • An absolutely amazing app to help students learn to be more positive than negative is the Personal Zen app. With this app, students’ levels of anxiety may also see a huge decrease during testing times.
  • Fits Brain Trainer is great for learners who like a challenge. As you complete the stages of difficulty, you’ll be a pro and more brain healthy as you continue to grow with this learning app!


Socrato’s Tips for Success:


  • Put healthier foods into your body. Instead of coffee to stimulate and awaken you in the mornings, try a green smoothie with fruit (spinach, kale, bananas, almond milk). This will give you energy and keep your digestive system healthy.
  • Exercise regularly. The more you keep your body clean and functioning smoothly, the better your brain will perform on exam day. If you don’t have a lot of time for rigorous workouts, go for a simple 45-minute walk everyday. It’s relaxing, and you get your workout in for the day.
  • Cut out junk television and instead, play your favorite (positive vibe) tunes, watch educational television without commercials, and limit your time with television to 1-hour or less per day.
  • REST! Stay on schedule with all of the above as well as resting properly. You will be happier and your brain and body have a chance to get you to the finish line on exam day, and every day after that!

Socrato wishes everyone the absolute best on this venture in your educational career. Remember to check back with us for our most up to date software and blog posts that will send you off with the best information for your bright future!

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