As you may be narrowing down your choices for top colleges to attend this year, Socrato has the list of 2016’s top ranked universities in the U.S! Most may sound familiar to you, but let us tell you a little bit more about each one.


Ranked at #1: Princeton University proudly takes the spotlight in New Jersey. Princeton is a private institute with tuition costs coming out to about $40,000. Despite what some may consider a high price tag on tuition, the university was actually one of the first schools to offer “no loan” policy grants to students in need.


Ranked at #2: Harvard University’s tuition comes out to be around $45,000 and is also a private institution located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is one of the oldest higher education schools in the country with the largest endowment of any other school in the world.


Ranked at #3: Yale University hales tuition at almost $50,000 and is great in that it offers small college environments with the resources of a larger institution. How does the school divide up small college living? – Into 12 residential colleges.


Ranked at #4: Columbia University’s tuition is also around $50,000, however it impressively provides housing for their students all four years of undergrad. The school is located in Manhattan, New York. This university has three undergrad schools.


Ranked at #5: Stanford University is located in the Bay Area of California. College tuition comes to around $50,000. What’s special about this school is that the students have a high chance of being involved in research projects.


Ranked at #6: The University of Chicago is located in the Hyde Park community. Students will enjoy a rich college campus lifestyle right in the middle of the big city viagra dosis. You’ll like this – The school is famous for hosting the largest scavenger hunt in the world which lasts a total of four days.


Ranked at #7: Massachusetts Institute of Technology is best sought out for its math, science, and engineering education. Tuition comes out to about $50,000 and the school is located in Cambridge Massachusetts, right across the Charles River.


Ranked at #8: Duke University is located in Durham North Carolina. This school has programs for liberal arts and engineering for their undergrads. With a tuition averaging at $50,000, their sports teams, Duke Blue Devils hail an extraordinary men’s basketball team.


Ranked at #9: The University of Pennsylvania offers undergrad degrees between four schools: Nursing, engineering, arts and sciences, applied sciences, and wharton. Tuition costs are at about $45,000.


Ranked at #10: John Hopkins University is located in Baltimore, Maryland. The school offers programs in the arts, humanities, engineering, and boasts a skillful Lacrosse team that typically dominates in the NCAA division 1.