We at Socrato know that the SATs are approaching, and fast – Beginning June 4th to be exact. We hope that you’ve taken the time to browse and use our resources right here at Socrato to be best prepared for the big day. Today, we’ll talk about the SAT Subject Tests and how they are relevant when it comes to your college admissions, why and when you should take the SAT Subject Tests, and then help with choosing which subject tests to take.


What Are SAT Subject Tests?

SAT Subject Tests are 20 multiple choice standardized tests on individual subjects, by College Board, taken by students who want to improve their credentials when it comes to admissions to colleges in the United States. Mostly all of the Ivy League schools in the United States highly recommend or require that students applying to attend their school take at least two SAT Subject tests.


How Do Colleges Measure SAT Subject Test Results For Prospective Students?

Some colleges use the SAT Subject Tests as prerequisites for admissions, course placement, or to provide students with help in course selections. Depending on the college you are applying to, their requirements will vary. MIT for example, has (in the past) admitted scores between 720 and 800 on a science test. Don’t fret on just depending on your SAT Subject Test scores to pull you through admissions – Your SAT or ACT scores take up about 30% of your application while SAT Subject Tests only take up about 2%-5%.


Why Should Students Take SAT Subject Tests?

SAT Subject Tests are requirements for some colleges. For the colleges that don’t necessarily publicize whether they’d prefer students take them or not – Wouldn’t you want to have your application be the best and well rounded it can be? This will show your schools that you want to spend the next 4-10 years of your life with that you are passionate on your craft and that you have the willpower and knowledge to nobly represent their institution – Therefore bettering your chances of being accepted.


When Should Students Take SAT Subject Tests?

Literature, Math, Science, and History tests are offered in the months of October, November, December, January, May, and June. The language tests are scattered throughout these months, and you can have some help with exact dates for everything with the College Board calendar for SAT Subject Tests.


How Should Students Decide Which Subject Tests To Take?

Though it may be highly beneficial to choose subject tests that you know will reflect your mastery of knowledge in, some colleges may prefer to see your scores in a range of subjects. Some colleges look at students that are well-rounded in a variety of subjects. If you’ve already selected a major, you should definitely take a subject test in your field.
We hope that we shed a little bit more light on the SAT Subject Tests for you today – They are something to look forward to as they will only add to the depth of your application that colleges will be reviewing. Please stay tuned for our next post on how you can best prepare for the SAT Subject Tests.

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