For people who do not believe that private tutoring can help increase SAT scores, this article about South Korean tutoring industry is intense. A recent study by NACAC got that private tutoring does not help much in raising SAT scores. At least, that’s how the finding of the report is being projected. If you detox drinks DietsIf you want someone else to figure out all of the nitty gritty details on what to eat, when, and for how long, here is a list of detox diets that you can jump right into and start reaping the benefits from right away. dig deeper in article and report, it says lot more "Sahana from Swarnapali Balika National boarding schools in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka writes:"A Green environment can teach us many lessons, it cools our life. research need to be conducted.

In South Korea tutoring companies are traded on stock exchange. Teacher and tutors are earnings millions of dollar per year. Tutors are considered as pop stars. Similar is the case in other Asian countries. Because of hyper competitive environment, high cost of higher education and potential for better life, parents want to provide every advantage they can to their kids, and one of the solutions is tutoring.

With competition and cost of higher education growing in US, is this a sign of what going to happen in US in few years?