With the amazing progression of technology today, tutors now have many tools to help them manage their time with their students. Aside from time management applications, there are other applications that assist tutors with creative and inventive ways to mentor their students into great successes.

It is extremely important for tutors to be able to manage their time and energy efficiently when they may have multiple students to mentor. Different students may have individual needs that require some juggling of tasks for the tutor.

Here are some of  management and other apps that favor tutor and student success!

  • Spider Scribe Jr. is a mind mapping app that allows its users to brainstorm, connect ideas, notes and more. The greatest thing about this app is that it doesn’t require internet connection unless you plan on sending your mind maps via email.
  • Kahoot is an application where you can create quizzes and surveys that tutors can have their students take via their devices (must have internet browser). The application allows the tutor to manage a time limit for each question.
  • SeeSaw is a great application that works for both tutors and students. For tutors and students alike, the application allows them to collect and organize digital and physical work all in one arena. Users can add text and voice recordings to their journal to develop their academic voice.
  • Remind is an application for tutors to safely text and communicated with students, teachers, and parents by keeping phone numbers private. Tutors send motivational messages, reminders, and more to their students.
  • Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) is a very resourceful application that brings together texts from America’s libraries straight into the hands of its users.
  • Skype is an application that allows people to video chat each other. This can be very beneficial to tutors and students if they wish to speak face to face and show each other projects that need  immediate attention and/or revisions.

When it comes to the tutoring industry, things have rapidly grown into a place where tutors and students alike can communicate from anywhere in the world at any time. Now, applications like the ones we mentioned, can mostly be completely free and available on mobile devices.

Tutors could definitely use all of their available time to develop and perfect their teaching techniques. With applications to assist tutors manage their time, manage communication with their students, and create new ways to keep the learning process fun and effective to get their students where they need to be academically.
Socrato recommends that tutors research these applications mentioned  for themselves to see what will work best with their current teaching methods.

Socrato is the online platform where all the standarized tests can be processed. Tutors and teachers can save and load the grading analysis of their students’ performance. Everything is covered in Socrato Diagnostic Reports.  Try Scorato by creating a free account at www.socrato.com.

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