A high school student’s life is filled with studies, concentration on getting into college, and surviving these marvelous four years of adolescence before catapulting into the real world. Add to this, a social life, sports, clubs and much more that can fill up a student’s days. For these reasons, technology can really come in at a student’s advantage. Here are some of the best apps for high school students to be supremely successful during their high school career and possibly beyond it as well.

  1. Essentials by AccelaStudy is a free app that provides study guides, flash cards, and even audio quizzes to help students study and learn their foreign languages to a tee.
  2. Frog Dissection is an app that you must pay $3.99 for in order to use it. It’s basically a virtual way to dissect a frog if students are somewhat queezy when it comes to dissecting real specimens.
  3. There are real graphic calculators, and then there’s the digital version of it, where you can access it from most of your mobile devices. Every math student in their 3rd and 4th years absolutely need a graphing calculator. For $2.99 you can even screenshot graphs to yourself.
  4. The Easel SAT Prep Lite app is an essential app for students to prepare for the SATs. There are three sections with 25 questions each. This app is free and can save you a lot of grief and money.
  5. Evernote Peek is a fairly simple yet effective app to have on hand. It is a way for students to create digital flashcards for any subjects being studied.
  6. The Chemical Touch is the perfect app for students who need to view the Periodic table from time to time. It’s easy to pull up and you can individually pull up each element to learn more about it.
  7. Studious is a very effective app that allows students to add due dates, classes, and other things scheduled to one calendar in one place. The app even silences your phone before scheduled events and classes if you forget to do it.
  8. Everyone needs easy access to the World Atlas. The images on here provide higher resolution than anything you will find on Google. There are three different map styles to suit your interests. Pull up information on all of the world’s flags, capitals and government types.

These are just a few of some very effective apps for high schoolers to make use of during their school years, but they happen to be some of Socrato’s favorites. High school students should explore the different apps on the market as they are always changing and updating their features. These apps provide knowledge, ease of use, and organization features. Tell us what you think about these apps, and if there are any that you would add to the list!