The introduction of tablet technology into classrooms as learning tools is a relatively new development in education that has expanded in the past couple years. The benefit of tablets is that students can use them as portable computers and get access to all of the information and tools that can be found on the Internet. An additional highlight is that teachers can manage classroom tests, homework, and discussions using cloud-based technology such as Google Drive, Google Classroom, and Dropbox.

Across the country, as well as in some locations internationally, an increasing number of schools are making use of tablet initiatives. Often the goal of these programs is to provide each student and teacher classrooms their own tablet.

One recent example has been the introduction of tablets in schools in Nampa, Idaho, funded using a technology fund. Six schools in the district have distributed tablets to students and teachers. Similar initiatives have already taken off in schools in Oregon, Utah, Colorado, and Washington. The intended goal of the program in Nampa is benefit learning in the classroom and preparation for college or careers following graduation.


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