We are excited to announce the most recent release of Socrato which we rolled out last weekend.  This release brings real time analysis and recommendations from student practice sessions to Students and Teachers to make learning, practice, and preparation more efficient.

With this release Socrato also welcomes all new teachers supporting summer MCAS tutoring.

It’s inspiring to see how much effort, energy, and dedication goes in to help at-risk kids. We feel proud to be part of program, and we hope our efforts are making a difference for the teachers and students.

The focus of this release was to start supporting tutoring centers, schools, and classroom instructors by providing real time analysis and recommendations about student learning to teachers and students. In addition, we added about 1,100 more questions to the “question bank” to support MCAS test preparation. Key highlights are as follows.

  • Search our large question bank by curriculum strands and standards, and create your own custom tests to print for students or assign to them online 
    • Share your test with other teachers.
    • Have your students take the tests on-line on Socrato, or off-line with printed quizzes.
    • The questions are mapped to the state curriculum, so you can quickly report on student and class performance according to the DOE standards.
  • Vastly enhanced Group area
    • In addition to creating a simple group to collaborate, large or complex organizations like tutoring center, schools, districts or training organizations are supported. Groups are built to support easy sharing of test materials, and also provide reporting and detailed analysis at different levels of the group structure.
  • Timesheet and attendance for group members
    • This feature was added based on the request from our key users. It allows full tracking of timesheet for instructor and electronic attendance submission for students. The time and attendance sheets are supported via user-configurable workflow for approval and processing.
  • Assignments and sharable content libraries
    • Any content can be associated with groups along with comment for assignment and communication. Content can also be shared across multiple groups by putting leveraging the hierarchical group structure.
  • Ability to load past MCAS TIA’s (Test Item Analysis Report) & Assignment Results
    • Teachers can upload data and run analysis for a group of students
  • Exhaustive analysis and reporting
    • Students and Teachers can get real time analysis of their students and class. Example report are question response analysis, trends by students, trends by subject areas over time, and more.
  • Sizable question bank
    • In addition a significant amount of content has been added into the question bank to support the full usage of all features.

Thank you for all of your feedback. It has been instrumental in shaping the new functionality and changes in this release.   We also have long list of enhancement requests. We are working on those.  Keep letting us know how we’re doing and what we can do to improve things.

 To all our users, thank you for your feedback and bug submissions. If you have any comments or questions please feel free to reach out to us.


-Team Socrato