Now that we’re into July, summer is definitely here.

Summer is often a time for high school students to relax after a busy school year, spend time outdoors, catch up with friends, and pursue hobbies. Between these many activities, there may also be a little time that can be put to use preparing for the SAT or ACT. After all, if you are a student and your school starts up again in September, there are still about two full months at your disposal.

The great thing about test prep during time off is that there are often far less time commitments that tend spring up in the fall, from classes and clubs to sports teams and jobs. Test prep can be managed by students at a reasonable pace during these months, or on their own time. And come fall, a little work now can pay off in a big way.

What kind of test prep resources might you pursue? A good place to start is the official websites of the SAT and ACT. Besides offering some practice material and tips, these are your go-to sources for information on test registration and administration dates, updates and changes to test content, and related content.

If you do not choose to do tutoring and plan on self studying for your test, is another resource you can make use of. The process is simple. First, purchase a practice book for your test that contains practice versions of the test (previous, released, retired tests), such as the College Board blue books. Then upload your answers on Socrato to generate a detailed score report and analytical diagnostic assessment of your test performance.

In addition to these study options, many students will also want one-on-one preparation resources where they can ask questions and get personalized feedback. What better place to look than tutoring? You can find listings for local tutors in your area online or in directory books, or by asking teachers or other mentors at your school for their recommendations.

One of the advantages of working with tutors is that they are available year-round. Like students, they also typically have the most free time during the summer, which allows them to accommodate to your schedule and provide personalized instruction.

Finally, students interested in online learning can now make use of many online tutoring services that use webcam technology. This may be ideal if you are on-the-move this summer, or if you have a shifting schedule. You can  discuss the possibility of online tutoring with your local tutor to see what they may be able to offer.


Socrato is a website for scoring and performance reports for standardized admissions test preparation. Socrato reports are available for the SAT, ACT, PSAT, SSAT, HSPT, and many more tests. You can learn more or try for free at

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