In recent years, a growing number of mobile and digital Apps have been developed to help students prepare for SAT and ACT tests. These include Apps that play like games, Apps for online tutoring, and Apps that allow students to answer practice questions and compare scores with other users. The many options vary in content, price, and availability for iPhone, iPad, Android, and computer. The following breakdown may help students decide what Apps to try out first.

App Test Platform Content Price
Flash of Genius: SAT Vocab SAT Android, iPhone Tests student vocabulary with hundreds of words and audio pronunciation Free for iPhone; $1 for Android
Easel SAT iPad Uses a “digital whiteboard” technology to allow students to solve for x by swiping their finger on the screen Free
Kaplan SAT Flashcubes SAT iPhone Uses a game format to test vocab; students spin 3D cubes that contain words, definitions, synonyms, and context sentences on its sides $4.99, free for ACTQuizBank
SAT Remix SAT iPhone Tests the vocab of students by setting lessons to music $24.99/3 months
Watermelon Express SAT Connect SAT iPhone, iPad, Computer Prepares students with practice questions, tests, and review material; eases tension with humorous and “edgy” YouTube videos during lessons breaks $9.99 for iPhone; $14.99 for iPad
ACT/SAT Math Booster ACT, SAT Android Helps students use graphing calculators to solve complex equations Free
ACTStudent ACT iPhone Tests students with practice questions and provides explanations for answers Free
eTextPrep ACT, SAT All cellphones Tests student vocabulary by texting them three words every day $7.99/month
ACT Practice for Dummies ACT iPhone, iPad Tests math, reading, and writing with questions and practice exams $9.99 To Go ACT, SAT Service for all devices with mobile access; App for Android and iPhone Students interact with a tutor in real time to understand difficult questions $39.99/1 hour/1 month

Which Apps look the best to you?



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