Upper level SSAT test is on Feb 6th  2021. Some student might have been preparing from last few weeks or months and some might be taking without any preparation.  In both the scenarios there is a smarter way toprepare and be aware of the approximate expected score.

If students can do the subject/topic analysis and question analysis they can very quickly start seeing the pattern and find out which subject/topic and question type need to be practiced more. If the students get the insight of their areas of improvement the practice session can be more efficient and productive.

Since the student’s still have almost 10 days for the exam, they can take the full practice test get the diagnostic report and then focus on the subject/topic which can be improved.

There are few companies who offer diagnostic report of the SSAT practice test.

If you can prepare from any SSAT official guide you can also get SSAT diagnostic report from  www.socrato.com also.

You can review the diagnostic report here – https://www.socrato.com/websitecms/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Demo-Student-Official-SSAT2018-2019Diagnostic-UP-Test1-2018.12.24.pdf

PS – Late registration of SSAT exam for Feb 6th is on 3r Feb. If you have not registered please complete the registration here: https://www.ssat.org/

Maintain Social Distancing, Be Safe, and Save Lives.