Should I take SAT or ACT ?

  • This is always a big question in front of high school students specially Junior and Seniors.
  • By the time students reach to junior and senior year they have lot on their plates like AP exams, school GPA, extra curricular activities, community services etc. Additional they have to prepare for SAT or ACT exams.
  • If students can plan little smartly for SAT and ACT they can be less stressed about these exams, prepare better and get better scores.

How to decide SAT or ACT?

All the colleges and universities accept both the exams. Students do not have to take or prepare for both the exams. The two exams are aligned for different learning style. For the same effort, majority of students will score better either in SAT or ACT. It’s important to discover which exams suites students learning style. Students can either take one – one mock up test of exam without any preparation get the diagnostic report a analyze score ,each subject score, topic analysis and the test time.  Or students can also take a  ACT vs SAT combined  test offered by few companies like Socrato.

Individual Test vs.  SAT vs. ACT Combined Test?

Facts Individual Test SAT vs. ACT Combined Test
Time Students will spend 6 hours to take both the test to get the analysis of each test Students will spend 3 to 3 ½ to take combined test get the both test analysis.
Experience Get the real test experience in 6 hours individual test Get the real test experience in just half time.
Question type or content,

difficulty level etc.

Experience the real test questions in 6 hours. Get the real test questions experience in 3 ½ hours.
Subject/Topic strengths

and weaknesses

Find out about test, subject, topic strengths and weakness for each test in 6 hours Get the instant insight of the strengths and weakness of Subject/Topic strengths and weaknesses.
Tutor/Self study Both individual score can help in decide for exam as well as method of test prep Combined test instant diagnostic report can give the recommendation of exam to prepare.
Student effort More time Make the most of your study effort in less time

When should I take SAT vs. SAT Comparison Test?

High school student can take this test any time of their high school years. Mostly the test is taken by Sophomores and Juniors. This is the time mostly students plan to start the test prep. Juniors and Seniors who are not aware of the test and are prepare for both the exams can also take this test. It will give them the insight of both exams in parrel plus they can also find out the areas of strength and weakness in Subject and topic analysis and prepare accordingly.

Where and how to take this test?

Some tutoring center and school offer this test powered by few test companies. Socrato also offers this test and Since SAT and ACT are coming up in Feb and March for limited time the test is offered with free 9 – page detail diagnostic report. Students can take paper test or online test.  For more information please visit

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