Finally, it’s period to ask yourself: which test is better for you — the ACT or SAT? Following three ways to help you make your choice.

Technique 1: Take Official Practice Tests

  • The best way to choose is to actually take each test and then compare your scores.
  • The coolest way to compare your scores is to convert your total ACT test score to a total SAT test score using our handy conversion system.
  • Any test you scored higher on is the one you should ultimately prep for and use for college admissions.

Technique 2: Take an ACT vs. SAT Questionnaires

  • I fight with geometry and trigonometry.                                                                   Agree/Disagree
  • I am decent at solving math problems without a calculator.
  • Science is not my strength.
  • It’s easier for me to study something than to explain my opinion.
  • I usually do well on math tests.
  • I can’t memory math formulas easily.
  • I like coming up with my own answers for math questions.
  • Tight time restrictions stress me out.
  • I can easily find evidence to support my answers.
  • Chronologically arranged questions are easier to track.

If mostly agrees then SAT is your match, if mostly disagrees then ACT’s the one for you, otherwise either test will work.

Technique 3: Consider Your State’s Testing Requirements

Please Wear Mask, Keep Safe Distance, and Wash Your Hands Frequently!!

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