If you are wondering whether the SAT Exam is more popular than the ACT Exam or vice versa, then look no further. Socrato has compiled some of the latest data from the SAT and ACT exams and put them together in a couple of graphs for you to figure that out. The source of the data in all the graphs come from the following two sites of the College Board and the ACT.org.

1. In 2010 the SAT and ACT Equally Popular

As you can see in the graph below in 2010 the SAT and ACT exams are about equally popular with over 1.5 million students taking each exam. These numbers really are a popularity contest between the College Board that created the SAT and the ACT.org that created the ACT test and the students reported are mostly graduating seniors but also include some juniors, sophomores and freshman who took the test.

Data Source: College Board and ACT.org

2. The ACT Exam Is Growing More Rapidly

In the graph below you will see the year over year growth in number of test takers for the SAT and ACT test. It is very obvious that the SAT exam growth has plateaued domestically and the ACT is growing rapidly. We are seeing a number of states that now have the ACT as a graduation requirement including Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan and Wyoming. There is discussion that additional states including North Carolina, Tennessee and others might also make it a graduation requirement driving its growth even further.

Data Source: College Board and ACT.org

3. There is a Difference in Popularity by State

If you compare the number of test takers for the SAT exam and ACT exam by state you see a remarkable difference in popularity by state. In some cases the graduation requirement probably drives the the popularity of one test or the other. But if you are trying to understand what exam you or your students should take, perhaps this is somewhat of a guide.

Data Source: College Board and ACT.org

As a student or a tutor what test do you prefer and why? What do you think?? Please leave us some thoughts in the comments. Thanks.


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