SATs are not tests of academic excellence, intelligence, or aptitude. It only tests you on some Math and English topics that cover in high school.  The SAT is a standardized test that assesses a student’s skills in four core areas: Reading, Writing & Language, Math, and Essay (optional).

Importance of Practice Test

The purpose of practice exams is to familiarize yourself with each test’s questions, its structure, its time limitations, etc. You want to ensure you’re taking these practice tests the way they’re meant to be taken. It is important to have the right calculator, to put your phone and laptop away, and to focus without distractions.

SAT Practice Test is very important for the student and academy owners to get insight into tests and their strengths, and weaknesses in each subject. Moreover, we track the progress and put focus on the right topics. Prepare the right topic so the preparation is easy and efficient which gives better results in less time. The practice test can help you understand exactly what each test is asking, how they’re made, the time limits, and more.

Few Tips to find out your expected SAT score using Socrato

  • Grab any of the official college board practice book.
  • Take a complete Timed Test.
  • To grade the test, visit
  • Select the test of your choice.
  • Then click on the “Process Test.
  • Click on the “Auto Extract and Import Student Answers from Mobile camera”
  • After that enter the batch name and click submit button.
  • Upload the pdf/jpeg/jpg files and get extracted data.
  • Review all the pages of bubble sheet and then click on Report button.
  • Finally, after submission of all click on the ‘Show Result’ and then generate report and get your instant diagnostic report.

For more information downloads the e-book-Smart Strategy to Prepare SAT in an Effective Way.

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